Explore Japan, a country of contrasts and complexity. Switch from the neon and high speed of Tokyo and Osaka to the majesty of Mount Fuji. Compare the Bullet Train to the calm of Kyoto’s temples and teahouses. In between, savor the cherry tree-covered countryside and delicate cuisine, and explore malls and markets for a taste of everyday life.

Our travel styles explained
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Our Escorted trips feature day-to-day sightseeing tours with local guides who’ll answer questions and provide insight, along with periods of free time for you to explore and relax at leisure.

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These tours balance independence and organized touring with regular, locally guided sightseeing trips teamed with free days and evenings that let you venture out alone or take optional excursions.

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Ideal for travelers eager to do their own thing, our Independent trips include return airfares, airport transfers, accommodations and nothing else—leaving you free to spend your vacation your way.