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Grand Palace

The walled city known as the Grand Palace was built by King Rama I in 1782, after he moved the capital city to Bangkok. The opulent complex is city’s most famous landmark and was home to the Royal family for 150 years. The palace, known for its decadent and unique style, became an important architectural symbol of the Thai royal family and country as a whole. The design of the buildings was influenced by Western architecture, espially the Victorian and Colonial styles. Anna, the central figure to the story, The King and I, once lived here as a tutor to the son of King Rama IV.

Though the compound is open to visitors, the buildings are used only for state occasions and royal ceremonies. The current residence of the Thai King is the Chakri Maha Prasat Palace, located in the north of Bangkok. Aside from its architectural spendor, the Grand Palace also has a number of fascinating sites that should not be missed, including the Pavillion for Holy Water, Coronation Hall, the Palace Garden, and the Forbidden Quarters (once the living quarters for the Kings’ wives).

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