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We have extended our tour destinations to span more countries across the Far East, southeast Asia and the Mediterranean. Each tour covers the must-see sights and lets you sample local life and cuisine for an enriching travel experience—with flights, luxe accommodations, transfers and well-paced itineraries included. Set your sights on the scenery and skyscrapers of China and Hong Kong, travel east to fascinating Japan, or roam the markets and temples of Thailand or Cambodia. Dip into buzzing Taiwan, explore vibrant Vietnam or timeless Myanmar, or enjoy the exotic beaches and highlands of Bali. Alternatively, head to Greece to delve into its sun-baked classical ruins and stunning islands. Wherever you heart leads you, we’re here to take you there in style and for less than you expect.

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Hong Kong and Taipei 8 Days 6 Nights

Combine two of the Far East’s most exciting destinations in one unforgettable trip with this 8-day tour to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Begin with time in high-octane Hong Kong to experience its scintillating East-meets-West atmosphere, towering cityscapes, sparkling harbors, and world-class shopping and dining. From here, fly on to the mountainous island of Taiwan to discover high-tech Taipei and highlights such as Taroko Gorge, illuminated night markets, sacred shrines, and more.


Visit :   Hong Kong,  Taipei
Tour Code : APH
1699 1
from $1699
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China Discovery with Hong Kong 12 Days 10 Nights

From ancient capitals to cosmopolitan cities, China’s stunning diversity offers visitors the chance to explore both its modern allure and ancient past. Experience China at its best with our well-designed China tour packages. Visit the golden triangle cities of Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai, together with the modern city of Hong Kong. Enjoy the highest level of service with round trip airfare, luxury hotel accommodations, ground transfers, friendly English-speaking tour guides and sightseeing. Luxury China tours at an unbeatable value.

Visit :   Beijing,  Xian,  Shanghai,  Hong Kong
Tour Code : ACXH
1899 8
from $1899
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China Scenic with Hong Kong 13 Days 11 Nights

Experience the treasures of China both old and new on our China tours. Our itinerary unveils the very best of this vast country, weaving its most wonderful sights, cultural experiences, and magical scenery with luxury hotels and imaginatively crafted itineraries to create an unforgetable vacation.  Stride along the Great Wall from Beijing, soak in exhilarating Shanghai, and see the Terracotta Warriors standing guard in Xian, combining them with the mystical landscapes of Guilin and a stop in pulsating Hong Kong.

Visit :   Beijing,  Xian,  Guilin,  Shanghai,  Hong Kong
Tour Code : ACFH
2099 10
from $2099
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Majestic China & Yangtze River with Hong Kong 16 Days 14 Nights

Discover the best of China, from the ageless clay faces of the Terracotta Army to the iconic Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the pulsating cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong, this still-enigmatic land blends ancient history with imposing Maoist architecture and glittering, 21st century skyscrapers.  Cruise through the wooded mountains of the mighty Yangtze River, the world’s third longest river, stretching nearly 4,000 miles through China’s heartlands, and winds through the breathtaking Three Gorges.  Experience the magical allure of China both old and new with Affordable World Tours.

Visit :   Beijing,  Yichang,  Chongqing,  Xian,  Shanghai,  Hong Kong
Tour Code : ACYH
2499 14
from $2499
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Best of Asia - Thailand and Beijing 11 Days 9 Nights

Visit Thailand and China’s capital, Beijing, all in one trip!  Visit the gleaming temples of Bangkok, journey to the exotic River Kwai and mystical Ayutthaya, relax on the beaches of Pattaya and explore the ancient city of Beijing.  Enjoy the highest level of service with round trip airfare, luxury hotel accommodations, ground transfers, friendly English-speaking tour guides, sightseeing and much more.  Discover the heart and soul of Thailand and China with Affordable World Tours.

Visit :   Bangkok,  River Kwai,  Ayutthaya,  Pattaya,  Beijing
Tour Code : ATB
1599 6
from $1599
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Beijing, Bangkok & Phuket 13 Days 11 Nights

Neon-bright cities, floating markets, tropical beaches and shimmering temples come together on an 11-night journey around the Thailand and China.  Our tour encompasses the captivating metropolis of Beijing, the dazzling palaces and royal relics of Bangkok before easing down on the palm-fringed sands of vibrant Phuket.

Visit :   Beijing,  Bangkok,  Phuket
Tour Code : ATKB
1699.01 13
from $1699
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Thailand and Yangon 10 Days 8 Nights

Combine two of southeast Asia’s most captivating countries on this unforgettable 10-day adventure to Thailand and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Delight in the radiant gold temples and floating markets of frenetic Bangkok; visit the crumbled ruins of the old capital of Ayutthaya; journey to Kanchanaburi to see the infamous World War II Bridge on the River Kwai;  and enjoy an optional visit to an elephant sanctuary.  After time to relax on Pattaya’s palm-fringed beaches, fly to Yangon, (previously called Rangoon) still one of the world’s off-the-beaten-track cities. Enjoy two nights in this beguiling capital - a vision of grandiose colonial buildings, tree-lined boulevards and shimmering Buddhist stupas, including the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda.


Visit :   Bangkok,  River Kwai,  Ayutthaya,  Pattaya,  Yangon
Tour Code : ATY
1499 2
from $1499
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Thailand to Cambodia 11 Days 9 Nights

Floating markets, tropical beaches, shimmering temples and the enchanting Angkor Wat come together on a 9-night journey around the best of South East Asia. Uncover the treasures of Thailand, from bustling Bangkok to historic River Kwai and Ayutthaya to the palm-fringed sands of Pattaya.  From there, explore enchanting Cambodia, and drink in the mystique of Angkor Wat.

Visit :   Bangkok,  River Kwai,  Ayutthaya,  Pattaya,  Siem Reap,
Tour Code : ATC
1799 4
from $1799
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Thailand Delight with Hong Kong 12 Days 10 Nights

Visit Thailand and Hong Kong in one unforgetable trip.  Spend 10-nights discovering the ancient temples, spectacular palaces, exotic wildlife and palm-fringed beaches of Thailand.  Hop over to the modern city of Hong Kong and experience the intersection of cultures where east meets west.  This Asia tour covers Bangkok, River Kwai, Ayutthaya, Pattaya and Hong Kong.

Visit :   Bangkok,  River Kwai,  Ayutthaya,  Pattaya,  Hong Kong
Tour Code : ATAH
1899.01 9
from $1899
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Thailand Delight with Taipei 13 Days 11 Nights

Combine the sights and spirituality of Thailand with a visit to Taiwan on this 11-night tour. After time in Bangkok experiencing its floating markets, gilded temples and buzzing streets, see other Thailand highlights including the Bridge of the River Kwai, Ayutthaya and Pattaya, with its palm-fringed sandy beaches. Then, cap your adventure in Taiwan, staying in its neon-lit capital of Taipei and discovering a land of age-old temples, dramatic landscapes and hi-tech shopping. Be sure to customize your vacation by choosing from our optional tours and activities in both Thailand and Taiwan — adding the perfect personalizing touches.

Visit :   Bangkok,  River Kwai,  Ayutthaya,  Pattaya,  Taipei
Tour Code : ATAP
1699.02 12
from $1699
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Thailand to Cambodia with Hong Kong 13 Days 11 Nights

From ancient ruins to cosmopolitan cities, this tour will take you on a journey from the exotic region of Thailand and Cambodia to the modern city of Hong Kong.  Experience the glimmering temples and floating markets of Bangkok, explore River Kwai and the relics of royal Ayutthaya, and lounge on the beaches of Pattaya.  Fly to Siem Reap and stand in awe of the architectural achievement of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  Continue on to explore the modern city of Hong Kong and marvel at the skyline while enjoying the finest Chinese cuisine.

Visit :   Bangkok,  River Kwai,  Ayutthaya,  Pattaya,  Siem Reap,  Hong Kong
Tour Code : ATCH
2699 11
from $2699
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Japan and Beijing 10 Days 8 Nights

Buzzing Tokyo, ornate temples, tranquil gardens and China’s compelling capital await on this unforgettable 8-night journey to Japan and Beijing. Be swept up by the energy of neon-bright Tokyo before discovering snow-tipped, sacred Mt Fuji and the historic and cultural jewel of Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. Then, fly to Beijing to lay eyes on must-sees such as Tiananmen Square and step out along the astonishing Great Wall of China, one of the great wonders of the world.

Visit :   Tokyo,  Hakone,  Mount Fuji,  Kyoto,  Osaka,  Beijing
Tour Code : AJB
1999 3
from $1999
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Japan Highlights with Hong Kong 11 Days 9 Nights

Discover two of the Far East's most exciting destinations on a spellbinding 11-day journey to Hong Kong and Japan.  Enjoy two nights in electrifying Hong Kong to drink it is incredible scenery, shopping and restaurant scene, before immersing yourself in beautiful and mysterious Japan. Capture the essence of the 'Land of the Rising Sun', with visits to incredible Tokyo, snow-capped Mt Fuji, the serene shrines of Kyoto, and more.


Visit :   Tokyo-Haneda,  Tokyo,  Hakone,  Mount Fuji,  Kyoto,  Osaka,  Hong Kong
Tour Code : AJXH
2799 7
from $2799
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Classic Vietnam with Taipei 11 Days 9 Nights


Take a spellbinding tour around the wonders of Vietnam and Taiwan, on this 9-night odyssey to Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei.  Fall for the French-colonial elegance and bustle of capital Hanoi, enjoy an overnight junk cruise among the pinnacles of UNESCO-protected Halong Bay, and fly to Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, for a burst of this vibrant metropolis.  Here, opt to tour the Cu Chi Tunnels of the Vietnam War, or explore the stilted towns, rice paddies, and farms of the lush Mekong Delta and choose to finish with a dinner cruise along the Saigon River. Then, cap your adventure in Taiwan, staying in its neon-lit capital of Taipei and discovering a land of age-old temples, dramatic landscapes and hi-tech shopping. 


Visit :   Hanoi,  Halong Bay,  Ho Chi Minh City,  Taipei
Tour Code : AVAP
1799.01 5
from $1799
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