Simple Spanish Phrases That Will Help You in Peru

Aug 01, 2023


Spanish is the official language of Peru, but English is also widely spoken and understood. That being said, there are certain phrases in Spanish that will give you an immediate advantage when interacting with the locals. Don’t be intimidated by the Spanish language; it’s actually pretty easy to learn some basic phrases and use them right away on your trip to Peru!

Trying your hand at greetings

Good morning – Buenas dias

How are you? -Como estas?

Good evening – Buenas noches

I'm fine, thank you – Estoy bien, gracias

And you? -Y tu?

Your friend/husband/wife is here (informal) -Tu amigo/marido/esposo es aqui

Your wife is here (formal) -Su esposa está aqui

Do you speak English?- Hablas ingles?

Going out to eat

How much is this dish? - ¿Cuánto cuesta este plato?

Give me a minute to decide please. -Déme un minuto para decidir por favor.

I would like to order now please. - Me gustaría ordenar ahora por favor.

Is this food spicy? - ¿Esta comida es picante?

I would like to try the chef’s specialty. - Me gustaría probar la especialidad del cocinero.


Telling someone where you are from

Where are you from? - ¿De dónde eres?

Where do you live? - ¿Dónde vives?

How long have you lived there? - ¿Cuánto tiempo has vivido ahí?

I am from the United States. - Soy de los Estados Unidos

Learning how to get around town

Where is the market? - ¿Dónde está el mercado

Where is the bathroom? - ¿Dónde está el baño?

Could you recommend a place to dance?- ¿Me podría recomendar un lugar para bailar?

Can you recommend something fun to do tonight?- ¿Puedes recomendar algo divertido para hacer esta noche?

Culture insights and other useful terms

Please - Por favor

Thank you - Gracias

Goodbye - Adios

What’s up? - ¿Que pasa?

I don’t understand - No entiendo

How much does it cost? - ¿Cuanto cuesta?

I speak a little Spanish! - Hablo español un poco!

Thank you for your help. - Gracias por tu ayuda.

Now that you know a few simple phrases, it's time to book your trip to Peru!