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The Perfect Vacation for Your Zodiac Sign

Oct 05, 2022

Have you ever been on vacation and felt like something was missing? Maybe you wanted to visit somewhere that was more aligned with your zodiac sign. Whether you’re looking to pack your bags and head off to another country or simply explore your own backyard, this list of the perfect travel destinations for each zodiac sign will inspire you to get moving!

Aries - One Day in New York City

New York City is known as the world's melting pot and a place where people from all walks of life gather to celebrate what makes them different. Getting lost in the concrete jungle feels much more natural to Aries than many other zodiac signs, so a day in NYC is their ideal destination. Be sure to visit Broadway, Rockefeller Center, and walk through Central Park on your way back home.

Taurus - A Weekend Getaway in Tokyo

Taurus people are grounded, down-to-earth and practical. A weekend in Tokyo will satisfy all your worldly desires by introducing you to the art, culture and frenetic energy of Japan's capital city. There's plenty to see with fascinating places like Meiji Shrine, Yasukuni Shrine and Akihabara that pay homage to Taurus' love of simplicity, tradition and history.

Gemini - Three Days in London

Gemini is a social butterfly who wants to explore every inch of their home country as well as another one. London is the perfect city for them because there are so many things to do. There are museums, restaurants, theaters, and historic buildings to visit. Check out the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace and then go see a musical at Sadler's Wells Theatre.

Cancer - A Full Week in Paris

Cancer, one of the most powerful zodiac signs, deserves a vacation filled with rich art and opulence. Paris has a lot to offer - museums, monuments, markets, theaters. Start by walking through the Tuileries Garden, or taking in Notre Dame Cathedral before heading to the Louvre Museum and exploring Da Vinci's The Last Supper.

Leo - Two Weeks in Rome

Rome is a very beautiful city with old-fashioned buildings and a rich history. If you love the art, food, and ambiance of Italy, Rome is the perfect destination for you. You'll get to enjoy a mix of ancient and modern architecture as well as tasty cuisine, but also have time to explore other areas of Italy like Venice or Florence if you decide to stay longer than two weeks.

Virgo - 10 Days in Bali

Bali is a great destination for Virgos, as the authentic Balinese culture will give you an opportunity to experience new things and interact with the locals. Plus, being surrounded by tropical scenery and fresh coconut water from coconuts growing on trees is just what your mind needs.

Libra - A Month in Greece

If you're a Libra, October is the perfect time to go to Greece. With the focus on beauty and intellect, taking a tour of the Acropolis and surrounding architecture will satisfy both your love of beauty and intellectual pursuits.

Scorpio - One Week in Hawaii

Scorpios thrive on the thrill of danger, so they would love an adrenaline-inducing trip to Hawaii. Of course, the white sands and picturesque palm trees will be plenty thrilling as well!

Scorpios are natural born leaders, which means they need their own space while they're on vacation. So a house on the beach or condo with lots of privacy is perfect for this sign.

Sagittarius - 6 Days in Athens

If you're a Sagittarius, we recommend going to Athens, Greece. They have great shopping and restaurants with a vibrant nightlife scene. This is the perfect vacation if you love history and culture. You'll feel like you're in Europe because it's easy to get around and even people who don't speak English will try their best to help you!

Capricorn - Five Days in Santorini, Greece

If you're a Capricorn, we recommend five days in Santorini, Greece. Situated on the southernmost of the Cyclades Islands, this ancient city is worth your time and money.  The white-washed houses, windmills, and cobblestone streets are all worth exploring. Don't forget to visit the Aegean Sea or taste their delicious wines!

Aquarius - 14 Days Around Australia and New Zealand

Visit the stunning outback region of Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, be sure to visit Alice Springs (population 26,000) and Uluru (previously known as Ayers Rock).  In New Zealand, don't miss the Bay of Islands on North Island or Queenstown on South Island. You'll have time to explore this area by kayak or bike!

Pisces - 5 Days in Venice Beach, California

Pisces' quest to reconnect with their spiritual side, the universe, and themselves will be rewarded with a trip to Venice Beach. This small town on the California coast is where many of your most Zen-worthy adventures will take place. The best part about this destination is that you can wake up every morning, walk out on your balcony, and feel as if you're overlooking the ocean without having to worry about fog or clouds.

Time to book the trip that compliments your sun, moon, and rising signs!