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Scuba Diving in the Maldives: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience!

Feb 08, 2023

The Maldives are an archipelago of 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean. They are the smallest Asian country, with a population under 400,000 people and an area of 90 square kilometers (35 square miles). This small country boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world, thanks to their diversified economy of fishing, farming, and tourism. The islands are particularly well-known for scuba diving due to the abundant coral reefs and marine life surrounding them.

The Basics

Traveling to the Maldives is a once-in-a lifetime experience that every diver should experience. There are two atolls on which scuba diving is done - North Malé Atoll and South Malé Atoll. If you're planning on going, make sure to reserve your spot soon because spots fill up quickly! But there's no need to worry; even if you can't snag a spot, there are plenty of opportunities for snorkeling too!

Things To Do While in Male

The city of Male has plenty of cool sights to see, but one thing that many people are interested in is scuba diving. Luckily for divers, there is a good selection of dive schools to choose from. The best time to visit Maldives as far as weather goes is between November and April. But if you're looking for great visibility, try going on a month where July or August isn't on your calendar yet. 

How to Stay Safe Underwater

Learning how to stay safe underwater is a necessity when going scuba diving. To be a good diver, it is best to start by checking your equipment before you dive and making sure everything is working properly. Check your air pressure levels on your tanks, check your regulator for any signs of damage, and make sure that the backup regulator is secured to you. Remember to sign up with an instructor or guide who can teach you the basics so you can learn proper skills like buoyancy control and staying calm while swimming around underwater. When you're ready to go into open water, find someone qualified with an oxygen tank who will show you how deep is too deep for diving without additional air supply.

Tips for Packing Light

Regardless of how long your stay is, try to pack as lightly as possible. What type of clothes to bring and which activities you plan on doing should factor into what items you are packing. If you're only going for a few days, it's not necessary to pack your entire wardrobe. If you're staying for an extended period of time, consider leaving space for souvenirs so that you can buy new clothes when necessary.

How To Spend Time Between Dive Trips

When you're not scuba diving, there are a variety of water sports to enjoy. You can snorkel, go jet skiing, banana boat riding and sailing. If you'd rather not get wet or wear anything on your head, consider checking out some of the natural landmarks such as gardens, temples or freshwater pools filled with exotic fish species. You can also explore one of many beaches or stop by one of two lagoons for a peaceful swim.

Whether you’re new to scuba diving or experienced, the Maldives is a great place to dive and see the wonders of the sea.

*Scuba diving and other water sports are not included in the package price and are available for on-site purchase at the resort.*