Before you travel

Before you travel - Hong Kong SAR


(Updated May 2017)


As you prepare to embark on your upcoming Affordable Asia journey, please log on to your My Affordable account and click on your trip confirmation ID to review the most up to date trip details including hotel information, flight schedules, and ticket number(s).   Please make sure you have all travel documents, passports, and necessary visas ready before you depart for your trip.  



Be sure to bring your passport as you will need to present it when checking in at the airport.  Please be advised not all airlines assign seats in advance.  Some airlines assign seats at the airport during check-in.  We recommend all travellers arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time.  You will receive boarding passes at the airline counter when you check in for your flight.   



Please go through Customs and Immigrations on your own.  After you pick up your luggage, exit the baggage claim area and look for the Affordable Asia representative holding an Affordable Asia flag or sign.  Please wear your Affordable Asia badge for easy identification.  


Airport Transfers upon Arrival

Affordable Asia tour guides/airport assistants will wait for arriving tour members outside the airport baggage claim area for up to 90 minutes** after the landing time of the tour member's flight before departing from the airport with transportation to the hotel.  If for any reason a tour member does not meet the Affordable Asia representative within 90 minutes after the landing time of the tour member's flight, the tour member will be responsible for his or her own transportation from the airport to the hotel, along with all associated expenses. 
**90 minute wait time does not apply for those travelling on tour codes ATB, AJB, and ATKB


Land Only & Extended Stay Travelers

Land only packages do not include airport transfers. Please arrange your own airport transfer to the hotel in Beijing as listed in your travel documents. The tour guide will leave information for you at the hotel regarding the time of the meeting the next day. Airport transfers out are not included for those who have chosen to extend their stay in China at the end of the tour. If you have purchased an airport transfer service from us, please be sure to provide all flight information to Affordable World prior to your trip departure date.



  ·  Passports must be valid for 6 months from the return date of your trip

  ·  A China visa is required for all tourists entering China.  Visa must be obtained prior to arrival in China. 

  ·  For more information regarding our China Visa obtaining service please visit our website

  ·  It is the responsibility of the traveller to obtain a China visa in a timely manner.  If you are going to another country including Hong Kong after the trip and re-entering China afterwards, you will require a double entry visa which is available upon request 

  ·  For those who have purchased the Forbidden City optional tour in Beijing – your passport is required for entry.  Please note if your passport does not match the passport information on file for your reservation, you will be denied entry at the Forbidden City and your optional tour will be non-refundable. 

  ·  Hong Kong entry permit: US citizens must have a valid passport, but no visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days

  ·  For detailed passport and visa requirements, all travellers are advised to check with their related embassy or consulate

  ·  If you are holding a non US passport, please check with your embassy or consulate in your jurisdiction for China travel requirements



Baggage allowance for international flights may vary by airline and is subject to change at any time.  Please refer to the below information for Air China and Cathay Pacific’s baggage policy as of November 1st 2016.  For up to date baggage allowance information, please always check directly with the airlines.

Baggage Allowance:

  ·  Air China International Flights  The standard free check in baggage allowance on international flights from the U.S to mainland China is one piece per person, up to 50 lbs.  Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece per person up to 5 kg. 

  ·  Cathay Pacific International Flights  The standard free check in baggage allowance on international flights is 2 pieces per person, up to 50 lbs each.  Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece per person, up to 15 lbs.

  ·  Please keep in mind that within China and Asia, the baggage limitation on all flights is restricted to one piece of check-in luggage, up to 44 lbs and one carry-on bag with a combined total dimension not exceeding 45 inches.

Important Luggage Info & Tips

  ·  Baggage is the sole responsibility of the traveller. We recommend using a TSA approved luggage lock and Affordable Asia/World luggage tags showing the name and contact information of the owner (Please use the Affordable Asia or Affordable World luggage tags provided in this package). Baggage without a lock may be refused for transport in China

  ·  DO NOT pack medicine, valuables, and other personal necessities in checked luggage. Keep these items in your carry-on bag

  ·  Consider packing a change of clothing, a set of undergarments and toiletry in your carry-on bag to avoid inconvenience caused by delays or lost luggage. ? Power bank chargers over 20,000 mAh are restricted  from carry on and check in luggage

  ·  Power bank chargers over 20,000 mAh are restricted from carry on and check in luggage

  ·  Power bank  mAh capacity must be clearly labelled by manufacturer on the charger

  ·  Please visit for USA carry on restrictions

  ·  No porter service will be provided throughout the tour. During the tour please keep an eye on your personal belongings and valuables at all times. Be aware of your surroundings when going out on your own.

  ·  Important note: Affordable Asia Tours’ representatives cannot enter the luggage claim area.  After you collect your luggage and exit customs, our local Affordable Asia representative will be waiting for you outside with an Affordable Asia flag or sign.