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Before you travel - Hong Kong SAR


(Updated March 2019)

As you prepare to embark on your upcoming Affordable World journey, please log on to your My Affordable account and click on your trip confirmation ID to review the most up to date trip details including hotel information, flight schedules, and ticket number(s). Please make sure you have all travel documents, passports, and necessary visas ready before you depart for your trip.
Be sure to bring your passport as you will need to present it when checking in at the airport. Please be advised not all airlines assign seats in advance. Some airlines assign seats at the airport during check-in. We recommend all travelers arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. You will receive boarding passes at the airline counter when you check in for your flight.  

Please go through Customs and Immigrations on your own. After you pick up your luggage, exit the baggage claim area and upon entering the Arrival Hall, proceed to the Vigor Airport Shuttle Service counter at A-12a or B-04. Kindly present your shuttle bus tickets (enclosed) to obtain your shuttle bus transfer to the hotel.
Extended Stay Travelers
Airport transfers out are not included for those who have chosen to extend their stay at the end of the tour. If you have purchased an airport transfer service from us, please be sure to provide all flight information to Affordable World prior to your trip departure date.  


  • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the return date of your trip
  • US Passport holders –
    Taiwan: a visa is not required for a stay in Taiwan up to 30 days
    Hong Kong: a visa is not required for a stay in Hong Kong up to 90 days
  • Non-US-Passport holders – please check with your local Taiwan and Hong Kong consulates for Visa requirements
  • It is the responsibility of the traveller to obtain this visa in a timely manner
  • For detailed passport and entry requirements, all travelers are advised to check with their embassy or consulate
Baggage allowance for international flights may vary by airline and is subject to change at any time. Please refer to the below information for each airline’s baggage policy as of November 2016. For up to date baggage allowance information, please check directly with the airlines.
Baggage Allowance
  • Eva Air International Flights - The standard free baggage allowance on international flights is 2 pieces, up to 50 lbs each. Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece per person, up to 15 lbs.
  • Cathay Pacific International Flights - The standard free baggage allowance on international flights is 2 pieces per person, up to 50 lbs each. Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece per person, up to 15 lbs.
  • Please keep in mind within China and Asia, the baggage limitation on all flights is restricted to one piece of check-in luggage, up to 44 lbs and one carry-on bag with a combined total dimension not exceeding 45 inches.
Important Luggage Info & Tips
  • Baggage is the sole responsibility of the traveler. We recommend using a TSA approved luggage lock and Affordable World luggage tags (enclosed) showing the name and contact information of the owner. Baggage without a lock may be refused for transport
  • DO NOT pack medicine, valuables, and other personal necessities in checked luggage. Keep these items in your carry-on bag
  • Consider packing a change of clothing and toiletry in your carry-on bag to avoid inconvenience caused by delays or lost luggage.
  • Power bank chargers over 20,000 mAh are restricted from carry on and check in luggage
  • Power bank mAh capacity must be clearly labelled by manufacturer on the charger
  • Please visit for USA carry on restrictions
  • Please note, Affordable World Tours’ representatives cannot enter the luggage claim area
  • No porter service will be provided throughout the tour. During the tour please keep an eye on your personal belongings and valuables at all times. Be aware of your surroundings when going out on your own.
Foreign visitors are allowed to import, free of duty, one carton of cigarettes and one 750 ml bottle of alcohol. There are no restrictions on importing the following items for personal use: medicine, camera/camcorder, watches, personal jewellery and any amount of money (Important note: The total amount you can bring back from China to the U.S is $5,000. For those carrying more than $5,000 - Upon arrival in China, please report to the China customs agent the total amount of currency you are carrying). Professional recording equipment is not allowed without an import permit. Pornography, weapons, inflammable and explosive items, certain drugs are illegal and not allowed to be taken into China. Merchandise labeled as “cultural relic” or “antique” may not be taken out of China without an official export license.  

Foreign visitors 20 or over in age are allowed to import, free of duty, 200 cigarettes (or 25 cigars or 1 pound of tobacco), 1000 c.c or less alcoholic beverages without limitation on the number of bottles. Foreign visitors are not allowed to bring any meat products into Taiwan; any visitor found bringing meat products into Taiwan will be fined up to one million NTD. For inbound and outbound traveler declaration and duty exemption, please check the Taipei Customs website for further details  

Hong Kong currency is called Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). Taiwanese currency is called New Taiwan Dollar (NT). We suggest you bring a combination of cash and major credit cards for your trip. As of December 2018, the following exchange rates apply: US $1 = TWD 30.81; US $1 = HKD 7.83  

Please note gratuities are not included in your tour cost. They are customary and their purpose is to encourage and reward quality service. Our guides greatly appreciate any tips you would like to give them. Our recommended tip amount is $10 USD per person per night.  

Medical and vaccination requirements vary between countries and it is important you check with your family doctor or a qualified medical professional for the most up to date travel health information for the region you are visiting. Due to the length of the trip, it is advised you consult your doctor for existing medical/dental conditions before departure. It is advised to pack any prescription medicine in your carry on hand luggage. Please make sure prescription medicine is fully labelled. It may also be useful to bring aspirin, over-the-counter medicine for the flu, indigestion, motion sickness, etc. In case of illness during the trip, please immediately notify your tour guide for assistance.  

Taiwan’s electrical system operates at 110 volts. China’s electrical system operates at 220 volts. The electrical outlets in China are for either fat round pins or flat angled blades. It is recommended travelers bring their own voltage converter and adapter.  

The time difference between major cities in North America and China are as below:
  • Los Angeles + 15 hours
  • New York + 12 hours
Meals are included as per the itinerary. Tap water is not potable in China or Taiwan. Bottled water may be purchased from the hotel or convenience store. We regret to inform you that Affordable World is unable to confirm any special meal requests as it is based on the availability of the providing restaurants, hotels, and airlines. Please contact the airlines directly to place special meal requests for your flights.  

Although Affordable World’s national guides will be happy to assist you with any shopping requests, Affordable World does not assume responsibility for any items purchased at shops while on tour. You are never required to purchase any items while on tour and thus must be responsible for your own purchases. Any after sales correspondence must be between the passenger and the shop in question.  

National Holidays:
  • January 1            New Year’s Day
  • February 28        Peace Memorial Day
  • April 4                 The combined holidays of Women’s Day & Children’s Day
  • April 5                 Traditional Tomb Sweeping Day
  • May 1                   Labor Day
  • October 10          National Day
National Festivals:
  • Chinese Lunar New Year and Spring Festival – 1st day of the 1st lunar month
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) – The 15th day of the 8th lunar month
  • Chinese New Year’s Eve – last day of 12th lunar month
Being a small Island Nation, Taiwan’s climate does not vary drastically from region to region. Taiwan has a subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid while winters can be cool and damp. The rainy season usually occurs late summer to mid-autumn.  
City Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Taipei 60 61 64 71 76 81 85 84 81 76 70 64
Hong Kong 60 61 65 72 79 82 84 83 82 77 71 64
Mandarin is the official national language and is spoken by the vast majority of the population of Taiwan. To make your trip more interesting and rewarding, we have included a list of the most useful phrases in Mandarin.  

For detailed Taiwan travel guides & maps please visit:
For detailed China travel guides & maps please visit:  




Our experienced staff of Taiwan and Hong Kong specialists take pride in providing you with the very best in service and planning. Thank you for choosing Affordable World as your partner in travel. We are confident your trip will be happy and rewarding!  

Bon Voyage!