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The U.S. Department of State has a website with travel-related information on every nation in the world:  www.state.gov/travel

No, the flight reservation does not need to be reconfirmed.

Baggage allowance varies by airline and is subject to change at any time. For up to date baggage allowance restrictions, please check with the airlines for the latest regulations.

You will need to bring your valid passport with the necessary entry visa and the passenger receipt of the E-ticket and  other related travel documents for your destinations.

You can find detail information on your destinations by clicking “Destinations” on the home page.

Affordable World is committed to provide our customers with the best quality and most memorable travel experience to China, Thailand, and rest of Asia. This is especially so with our China vacation programs where many visitors to China enjoy the pleasure of shopping for souvenirs and unique mementos in the different cities of China. We fully understand that any shopping experience in China can only be most gratifying with informed judgement, one's advance purchase research, and fair merchants' participation. Stil there may be guests who may not have the affinity towards shopping and may prefer to be excluded from this activity. Affordable World is proud to announce the Shopping Policy for our China programs specifically to appease individual guests through a published merchandise return policy and an option for participation in non-mandatory shopping excursions.

Shopping is optional.

Guests will have the choice of whether to participate on shopping. No shopping stops will be considered as compulsory during our tours and guests are not obligated to make any purchase during rest or lunch stop that may include retail shopping opportunities. For guests who may be interested in shopping activities, shopping excursions will only be arranged at the end of all scheduled sightseeing trips or during free days. There will not be more than one arranged shopping activity in each hosting city. Guests who do not wish to participate in such activity may be transported back to their hotels to rest or to be at their own leisure.

Purchase is refundable.

Guests may return purchased merchandises for refund. In order to obtain a no-question-asked guaranteed refund, our guests may return their purchases in unused condition and in original packaging together with original receipts to our accompanying tour manager or guide before departure from China. Our staff will provide a copy of receipt for reference and will process the refund on the guests’ behalf with the respective merchants (see below for the list of verified merchants). Alternatively, our guests may return the merchandise with receipt within 14 days upon their return to their country of residence for a full refund. In the latter case, it will be the responsibility of the guests to mail the merchandise in unused condition and in orginal packaging to the respective merchants and to ensure their receipt. Proofs of delivery and receipt, and appropriate postal insurance are recommended. In both instances full refund will be typically issued within 2 weeks after the receipt of merchandise.

The following pre-designated and selected stores have been verified by Affordable World as credible retailers that may provide our guests with bona fide and appropriate shopping experiences in China:
        Beijing: Beijing Golden Palace Enamel Factory
        Xian: Xian Imperial Fine Arts Center
       Shanghai: Shanghai Waima Wharf Silk Museum or Jiangnan Silk Boutique Museum
       Guilin: Guilin Tea Science & Research Institute

*Only purchases made at these stores will be covered by guaranteed refunds from the merchants

Please note Affordable World only acts as a facilitator to assist our guests in the case of a refund. It is in no way endorsing the value and authenticity of any merchandise sold in any store. All guests are advised to execute informed judgment in making any form of shopping purchase during the tour in order to ensure an immaculate travel experience.