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Bangkok is an ancient city, characterized by its rich heritage and modern sensibilities. It holds the country’s most beautiful temples and shrines, and has a vibrant energy that you can feel throughout the city. As Thailand’s capital city since the 18th century, it is considered the urban and cultural heart of the country.


Located in Central Thailand along the Cha Phraya River, Bangkok has been going through rapid modernization since the 1980’s. Since then, the population has risen to 10 million residents living in a 974 sq mile (1568 sq km) region.


Though it is the Thailand’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, it still contains ancient palaces, temples, and relics that reveal its ancient roots. These historic sites stand in contrast to the high rise buildings and boutique hotels that surround them. The Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra) and the royal estate, the Grand Palace, are striking in their elaborate architecture and design. At night, the city it at its peak, when its famous markets get going and the sparkling lights create an almost magical atmosphere.



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