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Hong Kong is a booming, entrepreneurial city teeming with contradictions. It is the most westernized region in China, but is still conservatively minded with Chinese customs. It is filled with stunning modernity and traditional observances; teeming streets and peaceful countryside. While Hong Kong may be called of these things, one thing it cannot be called is boring.

Almost 7 million residents call this territory of 683 sq miles (1100 sq km) home. Multitudes of mainlanders and foreigners have also settled here, adding more of an international flavor to the city.

Hong Kong has long been considered the bridge of East and West, combining the best of both cultures. Its appeal lies in its dazzling landscape, international cuisine, diverse nightlife, and its many scenic and cultural attractions. Some of its famous attractions include Victoria Peak, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, and Aberdeen Fishing Village, where you’ll have the chance to sample delicious fresh seafood. Wherever you end up in Hong Kong, you will always feel the buzzing energy that reverberates through the city. And if you look past the sleek, modern buildings on the surface, there is an ancient culture that shines through, giving the city an exotic flavor rooted in tradition.


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