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The "Eternal City" of Xian is deeply ingrained in history, not only as the political and cultural capital of the China for hundreds of years, but also as the starting point for the Silk Road. In modern times, Xian has enjoyed international acclaim for the discovery of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s standing army of Terra Cotta Solders. With over 3100 years of history, Xian joins the ranks of Athens, Cairo and Rome as one of the four major ancient capitals of the world.


The city's star attraction is the Terra Cotta soldiers, one of the world’s most dazzling architectural discoveries in recent years. The life-like army of soldiers, horses and carriages are considered to be 'the eighth major miracle of the world" and were declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also noteworthy to visit is the massive City Wall, an impressive defensive structure that once protected the major trade center of Xian on the Silk Road, as well as the centuries-old Buddhist temple, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Banpo Museum and the Tang Dynasty Show.


Aside from its historical attractions, Xian is also renowned for its cuisine and is often called the “capital of table delicacies”. Among the most popular is the Muslim Snack Street, where you can find an exotic variety of traditional delicacies.



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