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Din Tai Fung

One of Taipei’s most popular restaurants, Din Tai Fung is known worldwide for its trademark ‘xiaolongbao’ —succulent, small steamed soup dumplings that are a kind of Chinese dim sum. Originating from the Jiangnin region of China, these delectable steamed buns are traditionally prepared in ‘xiaolong,’ the small bamboo steaming baskets that lend them their name.  Wrapped in super-thin, light and near-transparent steamed dough, these prettily pleated delights are usually filled with pork, but can also be stuffed with other tasty treats like pork and minced crab meat and roe, seafood and even pork and truffle. As well as the main filling, the soup dumplings contain an inner layer of meat aspic, which then melts during steaming into the tasty soup.  Always made fresh, xiaolongbao are usually eaten dipped in vinegar sauce mixed with fresh ginger slices, which helps to cool them a little. Din Tai Fung also serves a wide array of other courses and accompaniments, such as cold appetizers, noodles, wontons, meat and rice dishes and more.

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