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Sagano Bamboo Forest and Arashiyama District

The Sagano and Arashi-yama districts are located in the western part of Kyoto City. In the 8th century, aristocrats often came to this area of rice fields and bamboo woods to enjoy the colored leaves, or to go boating. The landscape today is still reminiscent of that period. Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage Site, was erected in the 14th century by the then shogun, Ashikaga Takauji, in a gesture of mourning for the Emperor. It is one of the Kyoto-gozan (Five Major Temples of Kyoto), and the garden located there is designated as a special national scenic spot.

The Sagano area has a number of temples such as: Daikaku-ji Temple (national treasure); Jojakko-ji Temple with its Taho-to Tower; Nison-in Temple with a standing statue of Buddha Shaka-nyorai and a statue of Buddha Amida-nyorai; Jikishi-an with a standing statue of Buddha Shaka-nyorai (national treasure); Seiryo-ji Temple with a statue of Buddha Shaka-nyorai (national treasure); and the Adashi-no-Nenbutsu-ji Temple, famous for the Sento-Kuyo, or the Thousand Lantern Memorial Service, held there every August.

Togetsu-kyo Bridge spans the Hozu-gawa River at the foot of Mt. Arashi-yama. It is 250 meters long and still retains its 17th century appearance, despite renovations made using steel. In the summer evening, people write their wishes on 'toro' lanterns and let them float away on the Hozu-gawa River. This beautiful sight is called "Manto-Nagashi," or the floating of ten-thousand lanterns.


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