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Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum, located in the People’s Square, boasts a collection of over 120,000 relics of ancient Chinese art. It has been celebrated for its rich collection of Chinese bronze works, ceramics, calligraphy, and paintings. It contains a total of eleven galleries and three special temporary exhibition halls.


The museum, founded in 1952, was originally located at the site of the horseracing club on Nanjing road. In 1992, the Shanghai municipal government allocated the museum a prime spot in the city’s center in the People’s Square. The construction took a total of three years and the new building stands 97 feet (29.5 m) high with a total area of 128,600 square feet (39,200 sq. m).


The unique architecture of the building, with its round top and square base, symbolizes the ancient Chinese philosophy that the heavens are round and the earth is square. This feature blends an intriguing element of the past with the modern spirit the museum possesses today.

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