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Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill, one of the most famous hills in Guilin City, rests majestically on the western bank of the Li River. The rock formation has long been regarded as the symbol of Guilin and once appeared on Chinese currency bills. It earned its name because it resembles an elephant dipping its trunk into the green waters. It also inspired the likes of great poets, some from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), to inscribe verses on the walls of a nearby grotto.


The hill is also known for several spots, Water Moon Cave, Elephant’s Eye Cave, and a pagoda built for Bodhisattva Puxian. Water Moon Cave lies between the trunk and legs, and has been known to display a full moon in the water from the reflection of the inverted cave. Elephant’s Eye’s Cave is located in the hillside and offers panoramic views of Guilin City. At the top of the hill, amongst the verdant trees, lies a two story pagoda inlaid with the image of Bodhisattva Puxian. It was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and resembles the handle of a sword. One of the most famous scenic spots in Guilin, Elephant Tree Hill is the main attraction of Elephant Trunk Hill Park, which also includes Yufeng Monastery, and Aiqing Dao (Love Island).

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