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Zhoukoudian Museum

The Zhoukoudian Relics Museum of palaeoanthropology explores the life and environment of the Peking man, who existed over 600,000 years ago. In December of 1929, a Chinese palaeoanthropologist named Pei Wenzhong made a discovery that shook the world. He unearthed the first fossilized human skull of “Peking Man” on Dragon Bone Hill, northwest of Zhoukoudian. In the years following, more fossils were discovered at this site and it was listed in the Protected Cultural Relics by the State Council of China and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The museum displays the Peking man’s external appearance and living conditions, as well as other fossils of animals hunted by him.  You can also see a restored cave, as well as stone tools, drawings, and other artwork from the Paleolithic Period.


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